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June 1981 | British National

Officer Overview

Alim Amirali JANMOHAMED is listed as an officer for 5 companies. They have resigned from 1 officership. Their most recent resignation was on 31/08/2003.

Active Officerships

5 active officerships.

Appointed On Company Name Company Number Role Occupation
16/08/2006 ACE INVESTMENTS LIMITED 05905595 Secretary Company Secretary
28/09/2011 ACE INVESTMENTS LIMITED 05905595 Director Bsc Economics & Business
24/11/2003 ALSAGER LIMITED 03002336 Secretary Company Secretary
23/07/2004 ALSAGER LIMITED 03002336 Director Bsc Economics And Business
19/03/2010 A & A CAPITAL LIMITED 05468683 Director Director
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Resigned Officerships

Resigned On Company Name Company Number Role Occupation
31/08/2003 ALIM FAST FOODS LIMITED 02051874 Secretary -
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Officer ID: D83617714A9AC686FC89D2BDAEBE12F8