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November 1950 | British National

Officer Overview

Stephen MABBOTT is listed as an officer for 0 companies. They have resigned from 200 officerships. Their most recent resignation was on 04/04/1990.

Active Officerships

0 active officerships.

Appointed On Company Name Company Number Role Occupation
- No Active Officerships -
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Resigned Officerships

Resigned On Company Name Company Number Role Occupation
18/06/1991 CLUB PROPERTIES LIMITED SC132516 Nominee Director -
12/01/1999 STANFIELD FENCING LTD. SC192479 Nominee Director -
15/11/1995 AYR SHOPMOBILITY LIMITED SC161611 Nominee Director -
21/01/1992 CHEERFLOW ALBA LIMITED SC136125 Nominee Director -
25/05/1992 CINTRA RETAIL SYSTEMS LIMITED SC125235 Nominee Director -
18/11/1992 NORTHERN HOTELS LIMITED SC141335 Nominee Director -
01/03/1996 PRO-TEC SECURITY SERVICES LIMITED SC163843 Nominee Director -
12/11/1990 JONES AND HOYLAND LIMITED SC128425 Nominee Director -
18/03/1991 GRANITE CITY FISH LIMITED SC130588 Nominee Director -
14/01/1992 A.C.A. TECHNICAL SERVICES LIMITED SC135927 Nominee Director -
01/03/1996 DELTA CALIBRATION LIMITED SC163846 Nominee Director -
30/06/1994 CLEARWATER DC LIMITED SC151747 Nominee Director -
02/10/1992 JOHN CULLEN & SONS LTD. SC140525 Nominee Director -
19/12/1994 O'NEIL GAS SERVICES LIMITED SC155004 Nominee Director -
11/07/1990 V.C.E. LIMITED SC126116 Nominee Director -
25/08/1996 THE ALPHA PROJECT (CUMBERNAULD) SC159993 Nominee Director -
04/10/1994 GALACTIC COMPUTING LIMITED SC153377 Nominee Director -
22/02/1996 CAIRN HOMES LIMITED SC163623 Nominee Director -
30/06/1994 ALLMAR (SCOTLAND) LIMITED SC151715 Nominee Director -
28/01/1991 ACORN RESIDENTIAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED SC129593 Nominee Director -
12/02/1993 BACCHUS HOMES LIMITED SC136579 Nominee Director -
08/07/1993 RENEGADE CLUBS (DUMFRIES) LIMITED SC145327 Nominee Director -
01/05/1990 ARBERGLEN LIMITED SC124751 Nominee Director -
19/07/1996 ANGUS MACDONALD DEVELOPMENT CO. LTD. SC167132 Nominee Director -
08/02/1996 ABERDEEN DECORATING SERVICES LIMITED SC163228 Nominee Director -
02/04/1991 LINNHE PLANT LIMITED SC130878 Nominee Director -
26/08/1991 HUNTERSTON PROPERTIES LIMITED SC133629 Nominee Director -
29/07/1992 AITKEN & HOWARD DEMERARA LIMITED SC139525 Nominee Director -
01/03/1995 AQUAPAC LIMITED SC156276 Nominee Director -
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Officer ID: F507783927F2EC2737BA40AFBD17EFB5