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February 1952 | British National

Officer Overview

John BOYLE is listed as an officer for 0 companies. They have resigned from 9 officerships. Their most recent resignation was on 25/05/1999.

Active Officerships

0 active officerships.

Appointed On Company Name Company Number Role Occupation
- No Active Officerships -
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Resigned Officerships

Resigned On Company Name Company Number Role Occupation
03/02/2017 HCP GENERAL PARTNER LIMITED SC366383 Director None
05/04/2020 BLACKFORD MEDIA LLP OC307736 LLP Member -
21/06/2007 JUST CORFU LIMITED 01210706 Director Director
08/08/2018 HINDLEY ENDURA LLP OC395336 LLP Member -
25/05/1999 CLOSE NUMBER 9 LIMITED 00440452 Director Overseas Director
21/06/2007 OWNERS' SYNDICATE CV LIMITED 05658653 Director Director
21/06/2007 SVCV LIMITED 05638028 Director Director
21/06/2007 SKI VERBIER LIMITED 02748798 Director Director
26/03/2004 ALFENDO LIMITED 00460932 Director Director
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Officer ID: BF76A7BF5D135E2E3C7137CD86B9C997